Pest Control

Pest Control

JPM Pest Control Division is a friendly, caring business designed to meet and where possible, exceed our customers expectations. We offer top quality Pest Control solutions throughout Ireland.

Our vast experience and inventive use of a variety of tried and tested resources have enabled us to help hundreds of customers, who have tried the bigger companies and one man bands and found them lacking in service and quality.

There is not a Pest that we do not treat, here is a list of our commonly treated pests however if you do not see your Pest here, please pick up the phone and call our customer care team on: 1890 98 98 08 for a free no obligation quotation.

JPM Pest Control services cover pests including:

Rats. Mice. Ants. Wasps.
Bedbugs. Cockroaches. Fleas. Silverfish.
Mosquitoes. Moths. Birds. Foxes.
Fearell Cats. Woodlouse. Woodworm. Stored Product Pests.

All our Pest Control Technicians take pride in their work and put our customers first. JPM Pest Control Division look after all your Pest Control needs taking the worry away from you as a valued customer. We approach every job with a quick response and attention to detail, providing a quality service and aftercare to homes and businesses throughout Leinster and Ireland. We currently service premises in Dublin, Kildare, Meath, Westmeath, Laois, Wicklow, Wexford, Cork, Louth, Carlow, but hope to be in a County near you soon.

As well as a top quality service we offer great value for money, usually quoting for less than our competitors. With this level of service it’s no wonder we are one of the most trusted Pest Control Companies in the country.

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Rodents can cause significant damage to businesses and destroy stored goods effecting their profits as well as being a major health risk to their staff.
The two major rodent pests in Ireland are:

House Mouse (Mus Domestica) Usually build a nest in a wall cavity, where each female can have up to 8 litters of about 10 young per annum. It only takes the female youngsters 3 months before they are capable of reproducing at the same rate as their mothers. Where good sources of food exist the population can explode in a short period of time.

Brown Rat (Rattus Norvegicus) Usually burrows into soft ground where it builds it’s nest. It is a scavenger that will eat almost anything, during the summer feeding off crops where food is in abundance in fields. During the winter after crops have been harvested it will move closer to man scavenging of our waste. Living closer to man the rat has adapted to living in sewers and pipe drainage networks.

RODENT tamper resistant bait monitors can be placed along wall/floor junctions or close to nesting sites and need to be placed in several locations. Rodenticides should only be used for short periods of time until Control has been gained and then revert back to non-toxic monitoring.

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FLYING insects are a health risk as well as a nuisance pest, especially in business premises set up for food or pharmacy production. They contaminate preparation surfaces and foods and ingredients and can spread diseases to humans.

House Flies. Lesser House Flies.
Fruit Flies. Mosquitoes.
Drain Flies. Blue Bottles.
Green Bottles. Wasps & Moths.

Most flying insects are attracted to the UV light in Electric Fly Killers(EFK), which have too be fitted with shatterproof bulbs or tubes, all bulbs and tubes fitted by JPM Pest Control are shatterproof.

As well as EFK units, JPM also supply and fit fly screen curtains, PVC strip curtains, mesh curtains and fly screen doors to prevent easy access for flies. Pest Control by JPM Group will always be carried out by trained and experienced Service technicians who are:

  • Registered pesticide users.
  • Certified and experienced Technicians
  • IPCA Diploma/ BPCA Certificate holders
  • Safe pass
  • CRRU ‘Wildlife Aware’
  • IASIS Irish Agricultural Supply Industry Standards
  • Wildlife and bird proofing and control
  • ISO 9001:2015 ISO Quality Services
  • Garda vetted
  • One of the great things about JPM’s Pest Control Team is that we can usually dispatch a technician within minutes. Our Pest Controllers are a flexible team allowing us to provide a rapid response usually within a 4 hour period, maximum response time within 24 hours.


    Rodent Control. First Aid Kits Supply and Service.
    Reporting System, Preset Tolerances. Survey Reports & Proofing work.
    Bird Control, Preventing perching and entry. Sales and service of electric fly killer units.
    Crawling Arthropod monitoring. Fly Screens.
    Stored product insect control. PVC strip curtains.
    Qualified biologists reports. Mesh Curtains.
    Ant treatments including seasonal treatments. Weed control seasonal treatments.
    Wasp nest treatments. Feminine hygiene units.
    Netting and anti perching products. Washroom solutions.
    Brush strips supplied and fitted. Window cleaning.
    Domestic cleaning. Industrial cleaning.
    Canteen staffing. Security.